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Level 30 by WhiteBlazingPhoenix
Level 30
Just a little something I threw together for mine and BluebottleFlyer 's 30th, with a little homage to one of my all time favourite video games as well. :)
Christer Arndale by WhiteBlazingPhoenix
Christer Arndale
First drawing of the main protagonist of my novel/game, Love's Knight Zero. For all intents and purposes, he's the anime version of myself.

He's an evolution of my previous Love's Knight mains; this is the character I always wanted to make, pretty much.


Name: Christer Arndale
Age: 25
D.O.B: January 7th
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Sky blue
Occupation: Knight (apparently)
Weapons: Multiple through Heart-Synch; sword form is main/default weapon
*Heart-Synch: Christer is capable of forming weapons from within his own heart and can also use different powers from the same source such as buffing, debuffing and offensive skills.
*Memoria: Christer can summon the 'Memoria' or memories of significant people he has met through his journey across Cordis to aid him in battle.

Christer Arndale is the main character of Love's Knight Zero; a seemingly ordinary young man who finds himself lost in the world named Cordis; a place he has no recollection of. While he struggles to remember the land that he apparently calls home, he finds himself trying to put a stop to the darkness that is slowly encroaching upon Cordis; the so called Darkening and their mysterious masters, the entities known only as Angels.

Christer is a good natured, well meaning person with a good head on his shoulders despite his situation. While uncertain that he can help the people of Cordis, he feels the need and duty to do the right thing, being the only remaining Knight in Cordis. However, Christer often feels withdrawn from others, unable to interact with people and often doubting his own self and abilities.

His attire consists of shirt and trousers covered by a tabard and long jacket. Located on his lower legs, left shoulder and wrists are armour plates created from a fusion of technological and traditional design. He wears a pair of blackened boots designed for walking. On the centre of his tabard is a crest of a heart, which is believed to help focus his 'Heart-Synch'.

He is the only known user of the 'Heart-Synch' art, a long forgotten power that was used only by an order known as the Knights; he can form weapons from the energy of his very heart and can change the form of the weapon on the fly, allowing him to adapt to different situations. While he doesn't fully understand the nature of this ability, Christer seems to have a natural affinity for it.

Christer is also not alone; he can call upon the 'Memoria', people that Christer has met that are of such importance in his life that their memories can be summoned into a physical form. The Memoria assist Christer in battle, providing him with support, defending him from attack or even attacking themselves.
Meeting one day under the rain
Two of us were never quite the same
As the ones who always followed the crowd
We didn't care; quiet or loud.

We took the cracks of our hearts within
Each built the other up again from start to fin
I always thought that we could win
Come clouds or shine; thick or thin

How was I to know our story would end?

Turn the pages to the last
Moving too slowly or too fast
Deviations from the script
Now our lines are blurred
And ripped

No more the leading man
Just left to carry the can
In the memory's forgotten kiss
How did we come to this?

Now I know, through the awakened truth of pain
You were my sunshine, now you're the rain

When did we lose the connection?
Seemed like a paradigm shift
To gaze reverse upon reflection
Could we have closed our rift?

Pushed when you should have pulled
Spaced when I should have remained
All the words we said were dulled
Burned in heat of rage's flame

Why did our story end?


(The fragility of the human heart
Scarred right from the very start
To wander away from she who tried to fix
Uncertainty the one that blinded and kicked
And so the worst enemy laid within
That was my original sin)

(We started upon the same road
The belief that together we would grow old
Divergence popped the tires of our car
I wasn't bright enough to be your star
You tried to change me; you changed within
That was your original sin)

So here we are; honeycake and teddybear
Words that you pretend were never really there
True love's what you once called me in your heart
Well, you found another to play the part

You took for yourself our happy ending
Away to the wind; that's where you're sending
The memories of us; myself they're breaking
Your little words; my soul they're taking

All things between us, you didn't want to mend
But I never wanted our story to end

CHORUS x2 (Our story's end)

I don't want our story to end...
Our Story's End
Something that perhaps I should have written a long time ago. One should never keep their feelings bottled up.


WhiteBlazingPhoenix's Profile Picture
Chris Appleyard
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Crook, England
Favourite genre of music: Rock/metal, game
Favourite photographer: My brother =P
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: What's a shell? X.x
Wallpaper of choice: My characters or game characters
Skin of choice: Again, what does this mean? I'm such a dummy =P
Favourite cartoon character: Erza from Fairy Tail
Personal Quote: "My light shall never go out."
:damphyr: The Journal of Sir Chris :damphyr:

Once again, I have neglected to keep this updated. Oh well, it's the perk of being a master procrastinator. :D

I have been.....very distracted over the last year, to the point of basically not posting a thing up on here. I am making a concerted effort to change that; I've just posted my first deviation in a very long time. I've been busy with work as well as enjoying every damn game I can get my hands on. A gamer's got to game.....but my creativity if suffering big time for it.

I'm now 28 and I've come into 2014 realizing that I need to do more than just lock myself away in a virtual world. There are worlds within my imagination that I want to unshackle through the medium of art and writing and I've left it all for far too long.

So here we go....let this be the year that I actually accomplish something worthwhile. :)


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*Love's Knight*
Updated versions of...well, everyone.
Signature Actions: Grand Memoria, Divine Blazer, Lightspeed Blade, Infernus, Terra Breaker, Elemental Arrows
The Trinity (One, Two, Three)
Lionem Dassault

*Love's Knight II*
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Christian Arcwind
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More as they come...

*Love's Knight III*
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Jeffrin Rosencraft
Gale Harding

Siegfried & Sophitia (Soul Calibur)
Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Crossover: Sir Chris vs. Erza Scarlet (Love's Knight x Fairy Tail)

*Love's Knight*
Chapters 19 -28 + Epilogue

*Love's Knight II*
Chapter 1 -

*Love's Knight III*
Prologue -

Chapter 1 -

*Fated Hearts*
Chapter 1 -

Silence (Call of Duty: World at War)



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~Que sera sera. (Whatever will be, shall be.)~
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