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Christer Arndale by WhiteBlazingPhoenix
Christer Arndale
First drawing of the main protagonist of my novel/game, Love's Knight Zero. For all intents and purposes, he's the anime version of myself.

He's an evolution of my previous Love's Knight mains; this is the character I always wanted to make, pretty much.


Name: Christer Arndale
Age: 25
D.O.B: January 7th
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Sky blue
Occupation: Knight (apparently)
Weapons: Multiple through Heart-Synch; sword form is main/default weapon
*Heart-Synch: Christer is capable of forming weapons from within his own heart and can also use different powers from the same source such as buffing, debuffing and offensive skills.
*Memoria: Christer can summon the 'Memoria' or memories of significant people he has met through his journey across Cordis to aid him in battle.

Christer Arndale is the main character of Love's Knight Zero; a seemingly ordinary young man who finds himself lost in the world named Cordis; a place he has no recollection of. While he struggles to remember the land that he apparently calls home, he finds himself trying to put a stop to the darkness that is slowly encroaching upon Cordis; the so called Darkening and their mysterious masters, the entities known only as Angels.

Christer is a good natured, well meaning person with a good head on his shoulders despite his situation. While uncertain that he can help the people of Cordis, he feels the need and duty to do the right thing, being the only remaining Knight in Cordis. However, Christer often feels withdrawn from others, unable to interact with people and often doubting his own self and abilities.

His attire consists of shirt and trousers covered by a tabard and long jacket. Located on his lower legs, left shoulder and wrists are armour plates created from a fusion of technological and traditional design. He wears a pair of blackened boots designed for walking. On the centre of his tabard is a crest of a heart, which is believed to help focus his 'Heart-Synch'.

He is the only known user of the 'Heart-Synch' art, a long forgotten power that was used only by an order known as the Knights; he can form weapons from the energy of his very heart and can change the form of the weapon on the fly, allowing him to adapt to different situations. While he doesn't fully understand the nature of this ability, Christer seems to have a natural affinity for it.

Christer is also not alone; he can call upon the 'Memoria', people that Christer has met that are of such importance in his life that their memories can be summoned into a physical form. The Memoria assist Christer in battle, providing him with support, defending him from attack or even attacking themselves.
Meeting one day under the rain
Two of us were never quite the same
As the ones who always followed the crowd
We didn't care; quiet or loud.

We took the cracks of our hearts within
Each built the other up again from start to fin
I always thought that we could win
Come clouds or shine; thick or thin

How was I to know our story would end?

Turn the pages to the last
Moving too slowly or too fast
Deviations from the script
Now our lines are blurred
And ripped

No more the leading man
Just left to carry the can
In the memory's forgotten kiss
How did we come to this?

Now I know, through the awakened truth of pain
You were my sunshine, now you're the rain

When did we lose the connection?
Seemed like a paradigm shift
To gaze reverse upon reflection
Could we have closed our rift?

Pushed when you should have pulled
Spaced when I should have remained
All the words we said were dulled
Burned in heat of rage's flame

Why did our story end?


(The fragility of the human heart
Scarred right from the very start
To wander away from she who tried to fix
Uncertainty the one that blinded and kicked
And so the worst enemy laid within
That was my original sin)

(We started upon the same road
The belief that together we would grow old
Divergence popped the tires of our car
I wasn't bright enough to be your star
You tried to change me; you changed within
That was your original sin)

So here we are; honeycake and teddybear
Words that you pretend were never really there
True love's what you once called me in your heart
Well, you found another to play the part

You took for yourself our happy ending
Away to the wind; that's where you're sending
The memories of us; myself they're breaking
Your little words; my soul they're taking

All things between us, you didn't want to mend
But I never wanted our story to end

CHORUS x2 (Our story's end)

I don't want our story to end...
Our Story's End
Something that perhaps I should have written a long time ago. One should never keep their feelings bottled up.

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Prologue – End of the World

There was only silence. A strange, comforting, peaceful silence. He felt like there was, perhaps, something important that needed his attention, but it didn't matter. He couldn't feel anything, didn't feel the need to DO anything. He was content, there in that silent bliss.

Something sounded through the abyss of his sleep. Something that wouldn't go away. A constant noise, unrelenting in its existence. Yet despite this, he made no attempt to will it away. He allowed it to approach, growing louder and louder, until....

A feeling came back.

The cold, metal touch of the surface he laid on sparked the nerves in his body to life, causing his eyes to open, albeit slowly. His eyes felt hazy, blurry from his extended time of being unconscious. As he finally came to, he instinctively moved to rise up from the silvery steel floor, which was shining with red, flashing light. The entire room was exactly the same, for the regular lighting ahd given out, replaced with only red shining through the darkness.

"R-Red...?, they didn't...!"

The blaring sound of emergency alarms assaulted his eardrums, piercing his brain and offering no harmony within his confused, but panicked mind.

A computerised, female voice accompanied the neverending alarm wail, relaying specific instructions.

"ALERT. An emergency situation has been declared. Code Red lockdown initiated. Containment has been breached. All personnel to evacuate. Repeat: An emergency situation has been declared. Code Red lockdown initiated. Containment has been breached. All personnel to evacuate."

Code Red. The awakened man knew exactly what that meant, perhaps better than anyone else in that facility.

A sharp pain shot through the man as he attempted to move, burning through the right side of his torso. He grimaced visibly in agony, looking down to see what was causing it. Down the full length white laboratory coat that he wore lay a deep stain of red, a different shade to the light strobing all around him.

"Ughhh!" The scientist groaned audibly as he not only saw the fact that he was bleeding profusely, but felt the flicker of pain become like a knife through his body. He steadied himself on a nearby desk, abandoned during whatever emergency was currently occurring.

Immediately, he almost jumped back in shock.

Laying on the desk, flopped over it like some kind of broken toy was another scientist. This man however, wouldn't be waking up. He was bent backwards over a chair facing upwards, his back seemingly broken in two by the impact. A pool of blood had formed underneath his lifeless corpse and his face was contorted in a gasp of terror.

"This is bad....very bad....if they've....ugh.....broken out...!"

The wounded individual's mind was racing with so many variables and scenarios, not to mention the shock of his wound and the realization of what had happened. He had no idea how much time had passed since the alert had been sounded or what the status of the facility and everyone else within even was. Looking further around the room, he made out more now that his eyes had adjusted to the lack of light. His nose also could smell nothing but death mixed with cold steel, an unpleasant mixture even to someone of his occupation. There were marks scratched upon the walls, long cuts and bullet holes. Many of them were covered in blood, and a trail of the substance of life let out of the far door at the end of the room. The heavy duty security door, normally key card-locked and extremely secure, had been blasted from its mountings by some kind of force.

"We....we should not have......ughhh....." The survivor struggled to keep himself steady as he attempted to move away from the support of the desk, but his wound was troubling him greatly. He held his left arm over it, hoping to at least stem the blood flow a little until he could get some medical attention. However, he had a more pressing task, one that time did not permit him to leave until later.

"If they reach....the city.....agh! There's.....there's only one chance....I only hope that they didn't.....get to him...."

Taking gentle steps, the scientist made his way out of the deathly room, heading out through the damaged door. The corridor had fared little better; the existing lights on the ceiling had been smashed, leaving just flickers of luminance amid the darkness and the background of red. The shuffling scientist didn't need any guidance to his destination, however. He'd traversed this particular route so many times before that it was practically burned into his memory, for more than one reason.

Presently, he came to a rest outside another security door, one marked with orange lines and chevrons. The writing in the centre read, in bold black lettering:



The survivor noted, thankfully, that the door was still closed and had seen no signs of combat. Indeed, the corridor up to this point had been untouched as if nothing had occurred at all. Only the neverending alarm, still repeating the same message, denied that fact. He reached to his right pocket with the same hand, grimacing as the act caused his wound to ache. From said pocket, he produced a slim, orange outlined keycard.

Dr. Volin Bannatyne

Chief of Research & Development

Clearance Level: ALPHA

The face of an older man stared back from the keycard, one with greyed, somewhat spiky hair that jutted outward at the sides of his head, leaving a bald patch on top. The round rimmed glasses completed the typical 'old scientist' look.

Dr. Bannatyne slid the card through the door's waiting slot somewhat hurriedly. Not wasting time looking back upon the past, and to what had been before he'd ever had that photo taken. Time was of the essence. The machine gave an audible beep and the heavy door slid open, allowing access to the wounded researcher.

The adjoining room was smaller than the one he had just awoken in, but was far more roomy and less cluttered with desks and paraphernalia. The main features of the Auxiliary Containment chamber were the unusual walls with their armour plated square patterns, designed to be reinforced against something. The other was the large tube like device sat in the middle of the room, looming ominously over all. Beside it laid a ton of machines, each monitoring some little detail about the metal container. Their blips and beeps punctured the eerie silence that crept over the chamber; that and the emergency alarm that still sounded.

Bannatyne approached the container, breathing heavily from the exertion. The old man supported himself upon the device, turning to the machines next to it. Several crystal clear displays showed the status of the container itself, as well as whatever lay within. The doctor couldn't see into the tube itself, for there was no window of glass peering into the hollow. His only way of knowing the condition of the subject contained within were the monitors, and he scanned his weary eyes across them, adrenaline keeping him focused despite his own troubles. He didn't have time to worry about himself. More was at stake here; much more.

"It looks like they didn't get to him.....that's....a relief...."

Bannatyne reached a gnarled hand to the main screen, activating it using touch. His finger's press caused several holographic buttons to fly up, one of which read 'SUBJECT STATUS' The scientist quickly gave another press, bringing up a diagram of a human body along with the relevant information he'd asked for.








The blue glow of the monitor illuminated Bannatyne's face as he pored over the diagnostic report and breathed a sigh or relief. "Thank goodness...." The researcher brought up a new screen, swishing the previous one away with a flick of the hand. This new display came under the subtitle 'DIRECTIVE CONFIGURATION.'

Dr. Bannatyne paused, looking at the prison that housed the last one. The last chance that he had, that anyone had. So many thoughts ran through the old doctor's mind, of truths and lies, actions and inactions. " did it come to this?" he uttered out loud, shaking his head and continuing with with his work, work that had to be done.

On the 'DIRECTIVE CONFIGURATION' screen, he began to program a series of commands. This was not a spur of the moment action, but had been carefully prepared over a great deal of time in case a day such as this one was ever to pass. Now it had arrived, a day the doctor had hoped he'd never see. He could only hope now, hope that everything he'd done to this point could be absolved....and that other things would perhaps make a difference. As he finished entering the last command, he paused before confirming it.

"Once I do this.....there's no going back. Not for myself. Not for anyone. Not for this world."

Bannatyne confirmed the input. The directives were locked in and the monitor displayed as such:



The doctor had done one part of what was needed, locking the console from any further use as a precaution. Only he had the authorisation to remove the directives now and he had no intention of doing so. Now there was only one thing left to do.


As he attempted to perform his final task, Bannatyne doubled over with pain, falling to his knees. His wound was getting worse; blood dripped onto the metal below him. He remembered what had caused him the injury and knew for certain that he was lucky to even still be alive....even though that didn't seem likely to be for much longer.

"Must have....hit a vital.....agghh! I...I have to....."

Forcing himself to act through the worsening pain, Bannatyne got back to his feet, reaching towards a double lever on one of the machine banks. A word printed above the level designated it as 'RELEASE.'

The doctor placed his hand upon the mechanism, preparing to pull it down. He paused once again, this time for longer. This was the turning point. The point of no return. Once that switch was hit, it was all up to fate. Would everything he had done count for something?

Bannatyne looked once more at the containment coffin, knowing full well what, no, who was sealed within. A being that he'd known for many years, yet didn't know a single thing about. A creation, both incredible and terrifying at the same time. A thing that he knew now should never have existed to begin with.

"Forgive me.....forgive me for this....but must stop must!"

With his fading strength, Bannatyne threw the switch. The sound of something powering down could be heard. Shortly after, a loud whirring sound came from the containment tube as the lid slowly opened up, sending icy smoke jetting outwards as the airtight seal was broken. Another whirring sound came as the now open tube tilted forward, coming to a rest in a standing position. It ended its cycle with a jarring clank; everything faded out again, save for the constant alarm siren.

Dr. Bannatyne could only watch for a moment before his body suddenly failed him, causing him to slump down, his back resting aginst the monitoring banks. A slick of blood followed him, for his injury was by no means a minor scratch. He no longer had the strength to stand and he felt himself beginning to get colder. None of it mattered to him, however. He had done what was needed. His task was over, and so it seemed, was his life.

As his vision began to fade, Bannatyne saw movement from the open coffin. A figure stepped out, released from its artificial slumber.

"It's....up to you're....our.....last.....hope......" spoke the dying doctor softly, as he returned to the dark and the silence of sleep.



In one single instant, everything died.

It was almost imperceptible at first. Just a far-off sight, something that wasn't quite right with the natural order of things.

Most people saw the light that flashed brilliantly in the distance for a moment, like a shooting star had collided with another celestial object, only this wasn't taking place in the skies above. No, it was down below, just above the horizon. A flash of two powerful lights, smashing into one another. To behold it from afar filled many with wonder, others still with shock, yet more with fear.

Those who felt the fear had the correct response.

Moments after the crash of light in the air, everything changed. The ground began to rumble and the sky turned bright, brighter than the sun, so bright that the heavenly object was blocked out by its brilliance.

Then came the end.

Seconds after the collision event, a massive wall of unknown energy ripped through the world, laying waste to anything and everything that lay within its path. It radiated outwards from its epicentre, powerful enough that it spread across the entire globe.

Most had no time to even react. One moment, everything was as normal. The next, their life was extinguished. Vaporized into nothing by the deadly shockwave. No-one was spared. The young, the old, the weak, the healthy, the rich or the poor. All of them were claimed by the cataclysm.

The proud cities of the world, their skyscrapers, monuments, factories; whether they were a near utopian design of the future or a struggling slum, they were torn apart by the unrelenting force that had been unleashed. Glass smashed, concrete cracked, steel warped. Few structures withstood the shockwave, and even those that did were devoid of anything within, all of it blasted away by sheer force, leaving simply hollow ruins in their wake.

Even when the unnatural explosion finally came to an end, it seemed determined to snuff out all life, all light, all hope. The once clear skies were affected by the event, as if they were corrupted by the phenomenon somehow. A black veil, some kind of side effect, permanently covered the sky, blotting out the sun save for the few transparent places it could pierce through.

When the shockwave of the strange explosion finally dissipated, it did so as quickly as it came, in a matter of minutes. When it was gone, it left almost nothing behind.

On that day, 80% of the world's population was wiped out.

Yet, some survived.

This is the story of one of those survivors. One who lost everything, even before the world ended. The one who had no reason to go on, no purpose, no identity, no humanity in a world that had died.

The one who would bring hope back to those who had lost it.....and who would find his own again.

Love's Knight III - Prologue
Finally got something done with this! Now I've written something for all of my Love's Knight novels that have been swimming in my head for so long! Rock on. ^_^

Love's Knight III is a radical departure from its two predecessors. It has a primarily post-apocalyptic setting, and will be the story of a few individuals as they try to not only survive, but put a stop to those who would threaten what remains of their ravaged world. Amid this, a living weapon, the main protagonist, struggles to reclaim his humanity while seeking the origin of his existence and protecting those whom he has come to know as 'friends'.


WhiteBlazingPhoenix's Profile Picture
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:damphyr: The Journal of Sir Chris :damphyr:

Once again, I have neglected to keep this updated. Oh well, it's the perk of being a master procrastinator. :D

I have been.....very distracted over the last year, to the point of basically not posting a thing up on here. I am making a concerted effort to change that; I've just posted my first deviation in a very long time. I've been busy with work as well as enjoying every damn game I can get my hands on. A gamer's got to game.....but my creativity if suffering big time for it.

I'm now 28 and I've come into 2014 realizing that I need to do more than just lock myself away in a virtual world. There are worlds within my imagination that I want to unshackle through the medium of art and writing and I've left it all for far too long.

So here we go....let this be the year that I actually accomplish something worthwhile. :)


My YouTube channel:…



*Love's Knight*
Updated versions of...well, everyone.
Signature Actions: Grand Memoria, Divine Blazer, Lightspeed Blade, Infernus, Terra Breaker, Elemental Arrows
The Trinity (One, Two, Three)
Lionem Dassault

*Love's Knight II*
Updated: Luna Cherisse, Ellanora Calvanon
Christian Arcwind
Melltina Demoss
Daneth Daxian
Marcus Arcwind
Bernheim Glayner
More as they come...

*Love's Knight III*
Updated: Phoenix, Aurora Knightley
Jeffrin Rosencraft
Gale Harding

Siegfried & Sophitia (Soul Calibur)
Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Crossover: Sir Chris vs. Erza Scarlet (Love's Knight x Fairy Tail)

*Love's Knight*
Chapters 19 -28 + Epilogue

*Love's Knight II*
Chapter 1 -

*Love's Knight III*
Prologue -

Chapter 1 -

*Fated Hearts*
Chapter 1 -

Silence (Call of Duty: World at War)



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